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Category theory is full of “hidden gems”, which means interesting papers that are written in obscure or obsolete language, where there are no diagrams, and proofs are often just sketched.

This is unpleasant for various reasons: it takes a toll on young students, it prevents ideas from circulating easily, it relegates instructive papers (often, filled with ground-breaking ideas that we discovered/refined later!) to oblivion.

We believe that a good service to the community of category theorists around the world would be to make these resources more popular, more accessible, well typeset, and expanded. In spirit, this intersects some of the motivations for Jon Sterling’s mathematical translations project.

Hence our desire to involve young students in a small project of literature review, translation and outreach. The ultimate goal of the project is to produce a manuscript of some sort expanding, completing and renovating a few hidden gems.

This is a call for students!

Anyone who is interested can contact the two people that (so far) are responsible of the project:

(you can contact us also in case you want to become a “mentor”!).

Here is a list of a few papers we have in mind: