What is ItaCa?

Our name stands for Italian Category theorists, but it also reminds the island where Odysseus strived so hard to come back.

During the Category Theory 2019 in Scotland, it became apparent how many Italians are present in the Category Theory community: some of us proposed to join them all in an official network. This is ItaCa: a group of mathematicians scattered all around the world, united by their love for Category Theory and their Italian heritage.

The community we would like to create is as open and inclusive as possible, without distinction of gender, ethnicity, language, or mathematical opinion. The island of ItaCa is open to all kinds of mathematicians, no matter their nationality and background.

It is, however, made by Italians, and more generally by category theorists in Italy, and has a core of Italians among the organizers and promoters.

This is to say: despite its apparent absence from the scenes, Italian Category Theory exists, and we want it to thrive.

We are still a small community, but we are slowly growing. You are more than welcome to join us and help us grow! In particular, feel free to join our Google group sending a subscription email (it can have arbitrary subject and body), and our Facebook group.

Latest news

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